WWE Smackdown live Result -12 September 2017, Las Vegas, NV

WWE Smackdown
WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown live Result -12 September 2017, Las Vegas, NV

Kevin Owens Show:

Today’s Smackdown live at SinCity started with the Kevin Owens Show where again Kevin insulted Shane McMahon and suddenly Shane’s entrance theme started.But it was Dolph Ziggler who was pretending to be Shane came out from the backstage.Then suddenly Smackdown live GM Daniel Bryan came out to the ring side and warned him to stop these things before WWE CEO Mr. McMahon’s presence.


United States Champion AJ Styles vs. Tye Dillinger:

Again The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin tried to interrupt the Championship match this week but AJ gave him a Phenomenal Forearm which sent Corbin from the ring apron to the floor.But this shot gave a chance to Dillinger who hit the Champion with a perfect 10 but at the last count AJ kicked out.But at last Styles won the match by putting Dillinger in calf crusher where the Challenger tapped out.Then they both shook hands but the celebration was destroyed by the Lone Wolf who took out Dillinger and styles out of the ring and gives an End of Days to the champ outside the ring. And announced that he would answer Styles’ the United States Open Challenge next week.

Winner – AJ Styles


WWE Champion Jinder Mahal attempted to play mind games with Shinsuke Nakamura:


The modern day Maharaja Showed up with the Singh Brothers.And they all mocked at Shinsuke  Nakamura’s images on the TitanTron and insulted him. Also, Jinder said that at their Championship match at Hell in a Cell he would give the WWE Rockstar Nakamura a hardcore beating.


The New Day Vs. The Usos for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship in a SinCity Street fight:


Big E and Kofi tried everything to win the Championship from Jimmy and Jey Usos.And the Champions also fight back bravely.At a point, Kingston attacked the Champions with a Kendo Stick and try to give them his signature move Trust Fall but The Usos caught him in the air and threw him into the barricade.Then Big E fought with the brothers and atlast Kofi gives Jimmy a Trouble in the paradise after crashing Jey in a Table outside.Then Big E and Kofi give a Midnight Hour to Jimmy and regain the Championship.

Winner – The New Day


Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya Naomi:


Naomi got her rematch for Smackdown women’s  title and fought courageously with Natalya.While Money in the bank winner Carmella was on ringside with James Ellsworth where Ellsworth was chained to a Dog Collar.Naomi gave strong competition to the Champ but at last Natalya gave Sharpshooter to Naomi after Naomi’s  False attempt to give Natalya a big splash which instead connected with Carmella and Ellsworth.

Winner – Natalya


  • Dolph Ziggler made another set of Extravagant entrances like last week.This time he was mimicking Bayley and The Ultimate Warrior after doing his best Shane-o-Mac earlier in the evening.


Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin vs. The Hype Bros:


After moving up his former teammate Jason Jordan to Raw Gable teamed up with Shelton Benjamin and after winning a match last week this week the new tag team competed with The Hype Bros (Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder).But the new team of Gable and Benjamin worked together fluidly and defeated the experienced Hype Bros easily.

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Kevin Owens meet The CEO at last:

Mr. McMahon made his return to Smackdown live and called KO on to the ring.They two discussed last week’s  fight between KO and Shane-o-Mac.And at last Mr. McMahon clear things up and said he didn’t  Shane for attacking KO, but for not finishing the Job to give KO a brutal fight.And Mr. McMahon announced a match of Shane vs KO at Hell in a Cell and fired Kevin.But a furious KO attacked Mr. McMahon with a headbutt then a  punch and kick.Then, at last, give him a Frog Splash before Stephanie McMahon rushed out and give a death stare to KO. Then She took Mr. McMahon to the backstage.This is the sad end of Smackdown live but the question pops out how would Shane-o-Mac respond to this?



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