WWE Smackdown Live Result – 26 September 2017, GLENDALE, AZ

WWE Smackdown Result 26 September 2017
WWE Smackdown Result 26 September 2017

WWE Smackdown Live Result-26 September 2017

Kevin Owens Kick-started the Show:

It looks like Kevin wasn’t happy with Shane-o-Mac’s last week remarks, where Shane called him a coward and Owens nonstop insulted the McMahons.But his talk was interrupted by Sami Zayn who told him to stop insulting Shane and tried to warn him about his career.But this didn’t stop Owens and he went on insulting Shane and then Sami.Later GM of Smackdown Live Daniel Bryan showed up and fixed a match between Sami and Kevin later on Smackdown live.

Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger:

After few weeks issues between the Lone wolf and the perfect 10 for a match against AJ Styles for United States Championship they finally went after each other while AJ Styles was present on the commentary.Corbin was stronger than the perfect 10, but Dillinger gave a perfect fight to the Lone wolf.But The Lone Wolf won the match by throwing Tye over AJ on the commentary side with a 10 count out.Later Styles went to the ring but Corbin moved out and told AJ that they will face each other for the Championship at Hell in a Cell.

Winner – Baron Corbin

Jinder Mahal again Mocked at Shinsuke Nakamura:

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal made his way to the ring with Singh Brothers and again insulted Shinsuke showing some pictures of him on the tetrahedron.But Shinsuke, at last, showed up and made his way to the ring.He took out the Singh Brothers but Jinder caught him and manhandled him.But soon Nakamura came out of Jinder’s Possession and give him a  furious Kinshasha to get the Champion out of the ring with the Singh Brothers.

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The Usos Vs The Hype Bros:

The Usos went on a fight with The Hype Bros before their match with The New Day at Hell in a cell.From the starting, Mojo Rawley showed some of his great skills and The New Day who were present in the crowd started calling his name. It looked like the hype Bros would win, but at the last point, Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder had a confusion when Mojo took the tag from Ryder who was on the top rope.This distraction made them pay as The Usos won the match by a three count out on Mojo.Then there was a little talk went on between the Champions and the Usos.The New Day told Us they want a Hell in a Cell match and The Usos agreed to it.So it’s gonna be the first ever Tag Team Championship match inside a Hell in a Cell structure.

Winner – The Usos

Rusev Held the Pride of Bulgaria Celebration:

After winning a match in 9 Seconds from The Viper, The Bulgarian Brute Rusev held a celebration for that.Aiden English was also there and he sang the Bulgarian National anthem. The Mayor of Rusev’s hometown was there and he said from now on September 26 would gonna celebrate as Rusev Day and give a key to The Bulgarian Brute.Aiden then sang another song in praise of Rusev, but suddenly got an RKO out of nowhere from The Viper.Then Randy Orton again gives stunning RKO to Rusev and ruined his Celebration totally.

Charlotte Flair VS Carmella:

The Competitor for Smackdown women’s Championship Charlotte goes one on one with the Ms. Money in the Bank who came to the ring with James Ellsworth who was tied by a chain.C Charlotte fight hard and give a strong competition to Ms. Money in the Bank. Charlotte easily won the match after giving a big boot to the Carmella on her face.Then the Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya showed up and told the competitor that her Father Ric Flair would watch his daughter Charlotte lose at Hell in a Cell.

Winner – Charlotte

Booby Roode interrupted Ziggler’s absurd entrances:

Following his mimicking entrance drama again Dolph Ziggler showed up in the Smackdown live. This time he followed the entrance of none other than the deadman.When first the entrance theme was hit all thought the deadman is back but later it turned out to be Ziggler. But soon his show was put to an end by the Glorious Booby Roode who came to the ring and confronted the Show-off and challenged him to a match at Hell in a Cell.

Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn:

Sami and Kevin continued their rivalry for the first time on Smackdown Live.Before the match, Sami told the GM Daniel Bryan to stop the commissioner Shane-o-Mac from interrupting his match. As the match started both the superstar showed their power upon each other. But at last, it was Sami who suffered when his suicide dive goes a bit rough and then KO gave him a pop-up Powerbomb on the apron. As referee canceled the seeing Sam’s condition and official took him from the ringside.KO again attacked Zyan and made him brutalized by a chair, but Shane-o-Mac’s entrance theme hit the floor and with a great speed he came for Sami’s rescue. But Kevin threw Sami over Shane and the chair hit Shane’s face and it helped KO to run from there in the crowd.It looks like their match at Hell in a Cell going to be rough day by day.


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