WWE Hell in a Cell Result
WWE Hell in a Cell Result

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin VS The Hype Bros:

This is the kickoff match of WWE Hell in a Cell. It again showed how miscommunication ruined The Hype Bros winning.From the beginning of the match, Mojo and Zack take turn by turn to take down Gable. But when Mojo wanted to be aggressive, Zack’s friendly nature caused them the match as Gable gave the tag to veteran Benjamin and he cleared the ring. But it was Mojo who nearly got the Bros back to the match single-handedly once he got the tag from Ryder.But the Gold Standard hit him with a paydirt when Hype Ryder went awry.Gable dumped Mojo out of the ring and Benjamin won the match by 3 count over Zack.

Winner – Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable

The Usos VS The New Day for SmackDown Tag Team Championship:

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day went for a championship match against The Usos inside a hell in a cell. From the beginning of the match, Big E destroyed both the Usos while Xavier Woods played the tunes.The Usos came back soon and took out Big E with a suicide dive.Then they handcuffed both Big E and Woods over the ring post and beat Xavier Woods with a series of Kendo Sticks while Kofi watching his team beaten up from the outside.Then they gave a double uce to Big E who came back for the fight.But when they are going for the pinfall Woods came a fight with headbutts and clubbed axe handle, but Usos overwhelmed him and put a chair on his chest and hit another double uce to gain his fifth tag team titles.

Winner – The Usos

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Randy Orton VS Rusev:

The Viper went one on one with the Bulgarian Brute after Rusev humiliated Orton and celebrated Rusev Day. Both the superstars took every single move to take down each other.Orton gave Rusev a backdrop to the barricade and slowed him, then Rusev collided with the ring post.But Rusev at the last moment tried to accolade the 13 time  World Champion.Randy escaped it and gave an RKO to win the match.

Winner – Randy Orton

Triple Threat Match for WWE United States Championship:

It was Corbin who was going to face AJ for the championship but Dillinger won the ticket for the match by defeating Corbin last week on SmackDown live.As AJ and The were on the same side and have a mutual respect for each other, they attacked Corbin from the start.The three fought hard and bravely to win the championship, but it was AJ Styles who hit the perfect 10 with a phenomenal forearm.But before he could cover Dillinger Corbin threw him out of the ring and pinned Tye to won the Championship.

Winner – Baron Corbin

Charlotte VS Natalya for SmackDown Women’s Championship:

As the match started both ladies went after each other, but it was the queen of Harts who mangled the Flair heiress’ left knee and ankle, to give her a sharpshooter. Charlotte with a shaky leg fought back the champion and gave Natalya a successful moonsault outside the ring but couldn’t take Natalya back into the ring for pinfall before the count of 10. Charlotte won the match by disqualification but Natalya remained the SmackDown Women’s Champion.After the match, Natalya attacked Charlotte with a steel chair and Showed the WWE universe the power of queen of Harts.

Winner – Charlotte

The Fashion Files with Breezango returned at Hell in a cell.

Jinder Mahal VS Shinsuke Nakamura  for WWE Championship:

Jinder came to ring with the Singh brothers.Nakamura fought hard to gain the Championship but Singh brothers distracted him or the referee every time. Nakmura landed a Kinshasa to Mahal’s head but the distraction from Singh brothers gave time to Champion to recover. Nakamura’s next attempt for Kinshasa landed him knee first into the turnbuckle.Then Mahal gave him a Khallas to won the match.

Winner – Jinder Mahal

Bobby Roode Vs Dolph Ziggler:

The showoff who spent the last month mocking every elaborate entrance in WWE history came to ring with almost no music and lightning. After week of trading verbal fights, the Glorious One and the Showoff finally came for the fight at Hell in a cell. The fight was brutal.The Glorious One tried to take down the Former world champion.After a series of roll-up finally, Roode clinched the victory by grabbing Ziggler’s trunk for the pinfall. After the match, Ziggler gave a Zig Zag to Roode.

Winner – Bobby Roode

Shane McMahon VS Kevin Owens:

All Hell broke loose when Shane-O-Mac and KO take their bitter rivalry into Hell in a cell.The match showed the strength of Shane.He tried to punish KO in every way.Shane used bolt cutters to pick the lock and spread the match all around and also in the top of the cell.Shane-O-Mac and KO fought hangingly onto the steel cage and Shane made KO fall from there to the announce table.Then Shane Put him over a table and went to the top of the cell for a Leap of faith and dived.But Sami Zyan pulled out his best friend and greatest enemy KO from the table and made Shane suffered his leap.Then Sami dragged KO over Shane and made the referee count the pinfall.After the match, the WWE was asking why Sami Why, but he too didn’t know why he did it. Maybe he couldn’t see his best friend beaten up.Shane moved out of the arena in a stretcher while KO walked out with the help of referees.

Winner – Kevin Owens


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