WWE Raw Result -25 September 2017, Ontario, CA

WWE No Mercy Result 25 September 2017

WWE No Mercy Result -25 September 2017

Roman Reigns appeared on Miz TV:

Today’s Monday night raw started with Miz TV where Miz and Miztourage first insulated Jason Jordan again then called out guest Roman Reigns to the show. Roman talked about John and how he respects him for doing his work in WWE for last 15 years.Hearing all these Miz felt insulated and started insulating Reigns and told him that Miztourage can easily defeat  Shield at the past.So Roman said ok let’s fight but Miz is not in the mood and walked out of the ring when the Raw GM and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle showed up and announced a match between Reigns and Miz later on the night and a match between Jason Jordan And Matt Hardy Vs Miztourage right there.

Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan Vs The Miztourage:

As Jeff has a fractured shoulder Matt came to ring with Jordan and they stand tall against the Miztourage.Miztourage tried to fight back but at last Matt’s Twist to fate to Axel help Jordan and Matt to win the match.

Winner – Jason Jordan and Matt Hardy

Elias Vs Apollo Crews:

Elias showed in the ring and started to insult the brand Titus Worldwide.Then Apollo Crews with Titus O’Neill came for their No Mercy revenge on Elias.They fight strongly with each other but it was again Elias who won the match.But in the middle of the match he kicked Titus without any reason and after the match, Titus attacked Elias and made him left the ring.

Winner – Elias

Braun Strowman attacked Curt Hawkins:

Curt Hawkins came to the ring and want a match and called Superstar to come have a match with him.But to his shock Strowman came and Hawkins ran out from the ringside but unfortunately caught by Strowman in the crowd and Strowman gave him a running power slam to him in the LED screens.Then Braun addressed the Superstar who can stand in front of him because he wanted a match at that moment.

Braun Strowman vs Dean Ambrose:

To Braun’s surprise, Ambrose answered his call.From the starting to ending Braun Manhandled the Tag team Champion as a doll.At some point, Dean fought back after giving Strowman a cheap shot in the eye and then a Dirty deed outside the ring.But Strowman knocked out Ambrose and won the match by giving him a running power slam.

Winner – Braun Strowman

Mickie and Alexa’s Verbal Fight:

After her victory in No Mercy, the Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss came to the ring and give an interview live to the WWE fans.He mainly pointed out Mickie James who wasn’t a part of that match.To her surprise 6 time Women’s Champion Confronted  Alexa.T hey had a verbal fight and Alexa disrespected the 6 time Women’s Champion and for this Mickie gave Alexa two slaps and a kick and made her left the ring.

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Sheamus vs Seth Rollins:

As it looks like Celtic Warrior can easily win this match as His Tag Team partner was with him on the ringside and Ambrose wasn’t there.But last nights fight made Cesaro distracted he couldn’t help him due to his own broken teeth. Though Sheamus Gabe a strong fight to Rollins.But it was the kingslayer  Rollins who won the match after giving Sheamus a ripcord knee into the face.

Winner – Seth Rollins

Roman Reigns VS The Miz

Miz had his match with a big dog who won a match against 16-time champion John Cena at No Mercy.Though The Miztourage disturbed Reigns many times but it was Regins who won the match by giving a Spear to the Intercontinental champion.But after the finishing of the match, the Miztourage attacked Reigns with steel chairs and Miz gave him two skulls crushing finale, one from the chair. And at last, the mocked at The Shield showing their iconic sign after beating Regins.

Winner – Roman Reigns

Finn Balor Vs Golddust:

After defeating the reaper of the souls at No Mercy in a Man to Man match, Balor came to the ring to fight the A-Lister. Golddust showed his physical moves but it was Balor who won the match by giving the former Intercontinental Champion his signature move coup de Grace.Later lights went out and fireflies surrounded Balor in the ringside.

Winner – Finn Balor

Bayley and Sasha Banks  Vs Nia Jax and Emma:

Bayley was furious over Nia for injuring her shoulder which made her out of the Summerslam.Bayley and Banks attacked Nia and  Bayley drove Nia into the ring post and made her left the arena thus make the situation 2 on 1 for Emma.And soon Emma lost the match by pinfall after getting a Bayley to belly from former Raw Women’s Champion.

Winner – Bayley and Sasha Banks

Enzo’s Celebration didn’t last long

After winning the Cruiserweight title Enzo Amore wants to make a celebration.The Entire Cruiserweight division was on the ringside but due to No touch clause, they couldn’t touch her.But the king of the Cruiserweights didn’t miss the opportunity and attacked Enzo Amore and ruined his celebration. Enzo tried to fly away but the entire division blocked his way and send him to ring again where The King again gave him a kick to the face and a Red arrow to end the show.



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