WWE Smackdown Live Result-19 September, Oakland, CA

WWE Raw Result 20 September
WWE Raw Result 20 September

WWE Smackdown live result-19 September, Oakland, CA


Return of Shane McMahan:

This week’s Smackdown live started with the return of smackdown live commissioner Shane McMahan who talked about Owens’ attack to his father Mr. McMahan last week on Smackdown live.He also told that he would destroy Kevin Owens career at hell in a cell match on October 8 because he not only disrespected his family but also beat his father and broke his 3 ribs so brutally.


Randy Orton Vs Aiden English:

The smackdown live singer Aiden English fought hard to win but couldn’t defeat the viper.It was Viper who won the match by giving an RKO out of nowhere to English when English was trying to jump from the top rope.

Winner: Randy Orton


Rusev vs Randy Orton:

Immediately after the match Rusev Showed up and told Randy that he was here to avenge his  Summerslam loss from Orton, where The Viper won the match just in 10 seconds.He asked for a match on the spot and Orton agreed.In the start of match English showed up in the ring apron and Orton tried to get him out of there.But suddenly Rusev gave him a flush kick and won the match in mere seconds and celebrated this victory.

Winner: Rusev


WWE Champion Jinder Mahal insulted Shinsuke Nakamura:

With Singh Brothers in his side, WWE Champion showed up and Again insulted Nakamura in smackdown live before their championship match at Hell in a cell.He also told that He would defeat Nakamura at Hell in a cell.Following the segment Nakamura in an interview told his fans that Mahal wouldn’t be laughing after their match and The Modern Day Maharaja would lose his title to him.


The United States Open Challenge:

Champion AJ Styles came to ring and firstly talked  Owens’  disrespectful act and told that though he had problems with Shane in the past but in this matter, he is standing alongside Shane.Then he told about his opinion on his open challenger Baron Corbin.Just then The Lone Wolf showed up and attacked Styles before the bell could even ring.But it was the perfect 10 Tye Dillinger who came to the ring and saved AJ and attacked Corbin because after his match in the last week Corbin brutally attacked him.Dillinger left the arena after hurting Corbin’s leg.T hen Styles came and put Corbin in a calf crusher and forced him to tap out before the match even started.



Charlotte Flair Returned:

Charlotte came back to smackdown live and thanked the WWE Universe for their support towards her father and her family.But Natalya interrupted her speech and then one by one Becky, Naomi, Tamina, and Lana came out and fought over Championship match.Then GM Daniel Bryan came and tell that it would be fatal 4-way match to find out the No 1 Contender for the Championship and that match will be held later this night.

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The New Day vs. Hype Bros:

After winning the title last week in the sincity street fight The Champs New Day take on Hype Bros.They easily won the match by giving an  Ultimate  Bristi with Midnight Hour.After the match, Mojo told Zack that they have to fight hard.

Winner: The New Day


Kevin Owens address the situation via a satellite interview:

Following his attack on WWE commissioner MR. McMahan Owens showed up in a satellite interview and told the world that he is very sorry for his act on the past week.He didn’t want to do that because if WWE fans thought this attack is so brutal then they shouldn’t watch WWE Hell in a cell.He then again added that He would do far worse situation to Shane than his father.


Show-off again strikes:

Dolph Ziggler again showed on this week’s Smackdown live and Again did some entrance mimicking of Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and D-Generation X and told the fans that he has two words for them and said Who cares before leaving the ramp.


Fatal 4-way match to find out No 1 Contender for WWE Smackdown women’s Championship


Charlotte, Becky, Tamina and Naomi fight do hard with each other to get the No.1 spot to challenge Natalya for Championship at Hell in a cell while Tamina’s partner Lana was on ringside and Natalya in the commentary box. All tried their hard-hitting shots and submission move to won the match. But at last it was Tamina who landed a top rope flash on Becky but Naomi interrupted the count.Then Lana showed up in the apron to distract Naomi but she gave her a  kick and then Tamina give Naomi a kick and threw her out of the ring. Suddenly Charlotte came up and give Tamina a vicious kick and pinned her to win the No.1 contender spot.


Winner: Charlotte Flair



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