WWE Raw Result -19 September 2017, SAN JOSE, CA

WWE Raw Result 19 September 2017
WWE Raw Result 19 September 2017

WWE Raw Result -19 September 2017, SAN JOSE, CA


Miz ruined Kurt’s Announcement :

Today’s Monday Night Raw started with GM Kurt Angle’s speech where he announced a fatal 4-way match between Jason Jordan, Hardy Boys and Elias Samson for facing Miz at No Mercy for Intercontinental Championship match. Suddenly Miz came out with the Miztourage(Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel).He accused Kurt Angle of his favor towards his son Jason and insulted him badly and told him to give a chance to his friends Curtis and Bo Dallas for Intercontinental Championship.Jason couldn’t stop himself and came to the ring to confront the intercontinental champion and he also told Kurt to add the Miztourage in the match.Then Kurt announced it would be a six pack challenge to find the No. 1 contender for Intercontinental championship at No Mercy.


Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss:

Before going to No Mercy this Sunday the Raw Women’s Champion Alexa faced  Nia.From the starting, Alexa tried to run from Nia and when she going from the arena suddenly Sasha Banks appeared and Champion started running backwards but hit Nia in the ringside.Nia easily defeated Alexa.But after the win Sasha attacked Nia but Nia threw her in the ring.Then Bayley came and all the three stars attacked Nia and Nia moved out from the ring. At last Alexa was also attacked by Bayley and Sasha.

Winner: Nia Jax


Triple Threat match between the Raw Tag Teams:

Cesaro and Sheamus, Rollins and Ambrose & Gallows and Anderson compete in a triple threat match before going to No Mercy.The Tag Team Champions Rollins and Ambrose fought bravely.They give their best in the match and at last Ambrose gave a dirty deed to Anderson for the win but Sheamus threw him out of the ring and pinned Anderson for the victory.

Winner: Cesaro and Sheamus


Apollo Crews Vs Curt Hawkins:

Hawkins showed in the stage and told the fans that he would get his first win today after 114th losing in a row.He called out his opponent and Apollo Crew came out with Titus O’Neil.Apollo Crew gave Hawkins a spinning sit out power bomb resulting in a 115th-time loss in a row for Hawkins.

Winner: Apollo Crews


Raw pays a tribute to Booby “The Brain” Heenan.


Roman Reigns again insulted John Cena:

Though Cena Was absent in the show but the big dog Roman Reigns didn’t miss a chance from trolling him.He showed the fans an old clip of Cena from 2012 where Cena tried to insult The Rock for not coming to WWE regularly and Regins mocked Cena in the same way.Before leaving the ring he told Cena that he would defeat Cena in the No Mercy and Cena should be ready from losing a match against another samon superstar.


Dustin Rhodes vs Bray Wyatt:

Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust came to GM Kurt Angle without a face paint as Bray Wyatt removed his paint last week in the Raw and he asked a match against the reaper of souls tonight.Then in the ring, Dustin Rhodes tried hard to defeat Wyatt but at last, it was Wyatt who won by giving Dustin Rhodes a  sister Abigail.Then Finn Balor showed himself in the TitanTron and tried to troll Wyatt.

Winner: Bray Wyatt


Braun Strowman and Brock Leaner showed live in an interview before their match at No Mercy and answer some questions.


Braun Strowman attacked Enzo Amore:

While Enzo made his way to the ring to talk about his match for WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Neville, he was attacked by Monster among Men who hit him badly and dragged him into the ring and give a running power slam.When he was going from their Neville showed up and gave a Red arrow to his opponent Enzo Amore who was not in his sense.


Neville Vs Gran Metalik:

After mocking Enzo, The king of Cruiserweight fought with Gran Metalik.Gran gave him a hard fight.But Neville beat him down and tried to tear his mask.But somehow Metalik stopped Neville. But Neville, at last, won the match by giving the Luchador his submission move the ring of Saturn.

Winner: Neville


Six Pack challenge for No. 1 Contender of Intercontinental Championship:

The Miztourage, The Hardy Boys, Elias Samson, and Jason went on a fight while Miz was watching this in the ringside.At a moment Miz and Miztourage attacked Jason and put him in the barricade.He was outside the while others fought.It was Jeff Hardy who tried for the pinfall Axel after giving him a Swanton Bomb. Miz threw him outside the ring and then Jordan came out and pull Miz outside the ring, gave Axel an Angle Salm Neckbreaker and won the match.And became the No. 1 Contender for Intercontinental Championship.His celebration didn’t go longer because the Miz and Miztourage attacked him and at last Miz gave him a Skull Crushing Finale to end the show.

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