WWE Raw Result 16 October 2017, PORTLAND, OR

WWE Raw Result 16 October 2017

WWE Raw Result 16 October 2017

The Shield addressed their opponents:

WWE raw result 16 October 2017, As The Shield reunited last week we all are expecting a tough competition from him as they get the match against Braun Strowman, The Miz and The Bar(Sheamus and Cesaro) at WWE TLC.This week the newly reunited The Shield came to the ring in their old style entrance when the Raw GM Kurt Angle was talking about them. They came to the ring and told the world they gonna do to their opponents at WWE TLC.The Miz, Braun Strowman and The Bar came to the stage to confront The Shield, but GM Kurt Angle stopped them and told them that The Bar is gonna face Ambrose and Rollins for WWE Tag Team Championship tonight and Reigns gonna face Braun Strowman in a steel cage match.

Jason Jordan, Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews VS Elias, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson:

Elias got two friends as Gallows and Anderson but it didn’t stop him from his last few weeks’  rivalry against Titus and Apollo and their Tag Team partner Jason Jordan for whom Elias sing a song before the match to insult him.But Elias, Anderson and Gallows couldn’t stop their opponents from beating them as Crew gave a sitting powerbomb to Anderson for Victory.

Winner – Jason Jordan, Titus O’Neil, and Apollo Crews

Cedric Alexander VS Gentleman Jack Gallagher:

Gentleman Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick done everything to win the match against Cedric Alexander who was dominating from the beginning.But Rich Swann’s presence in the ringside stopped Brain Kendrick’s plans.Gallagher gets a chance to get over Alexander at a point when Swann and Kendrick were fighting outside.But Swann’s Tornado DDT to Kendrick left Gallagher in shock and Alexander won the match by putting Gallagher in Lumber Check.

Winner – Cedric Alexander

Braun Strowman appeared on Miz TV as Guest:

Miz TV welcomed Braun as a guest with the presence of The Bar and Curtis Axel.As Braun don’t speak much, host of the show The Miz told everyone that they are gonna take The Shield down in WWW TLC and try to add a 5th member to their team but interrupted by GM Kurt Angle who gave The Miz a special deal. That is if Strowman can defeat Reigns in tonight’s match then they will get a new member, but if lose then Strowman is gonna out of the match at TLC.As The Miz was confused what to choose, the monster said yes to the deal.

Sasha Banks VS Alicia Fox:

As Foxxy shocked the world when she pinned Bayley last week.Fox took Sasha’s words as disrespect when Sasha said Alicia cheated on last week’s match.So Alicia Fox came for a redemption against The Boss.But Sasha won the match easily by putting Alicia in Bank Statement.But after the match in backstage Alicia attacked Banks and destroyed her.

Winner – Sasha Banks

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto confronted Enzo Amore:

Enzo came to the ring to talk with the new Champion and Kalisto came out to talk with Enzo.But suddenly Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari and Noam Dar attacked the Champion.Mustafa Ali came for Kalisto’s rescue but Enzo and the gang did same to him.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins Vs The Bar for Raw Tag Team Championship:

Guess it might difficult to win over a reunited Shield.As Cesaro and Seamus try to make thing worse by putting Rollins on a side.But it was Ambrose who cleared the after being tagged.The match went brutal but the Tag Champs retained their championship after Lunatic fringe put Cesaro in a dirty deed to won the match.

Winner – Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose

Finn Balor addressed Bray Wyatt:

Balor came to the ring to address Bray Wyatt and the spirit of Sister Abigail and called his Demon into the light. And he transformed into the Demon on the spot show and told Wyatt to Run from him.

Mickie James & Bayley VS Alexa Bliss & Emma

Before their match at Sunday, Alexa teamed up with Emma to take down Mickie and Bayley.But Mickie looked ready to fight this Sunday to claim the championship.Mickie and Bayley easily won the match after Mickie gave a Mick kick to Bliss.

Winner – Bayley and Mickie James

Roman Reigns VS Braun Strowman in a Steel Cage match:

Big Dog went one on one with the monster in a Steel Cage match as the GM banned The Shield, The Bar and The Miz from the ringside, The Miz was present in the commentary box.Roman tried to jump the cage but The Bar came and to neutralize them The Shield came up to the ringside and took The Bar to the parking lot where Miz locked them out of the Arena.Meanwhile, Braun caught Roman and give him a superplex from the top rope.Reigns started to hit up and gave three superman punches and a spear and look forward to winning the match.But suddenly Kane’s music and red light show and he came out beneath the ring and gave a chokeslam to the Big Dog.Then a running power slam and a tombstone from the two monster and the demon.Then again a running power slam from the Strowman to won the match.And after the match, The Miz announced their fifth teammate as Kane.And it’s going to be a 5 on 3 handicap match in WWE TLC.

Winner – Braun Strowman