WWE Raw Result -11 September 2017, Anaheim, CA

John Cena vs Roman Reigns
John Cena vs Roman Reigns
John Cena vs Roman Reigns
John Cena vs Roman Reigns 

 WWE Raw Result -11 September 2017, Anaheim, CA

Roman Reigns vs. Jason Jordan:

Monday Night Raw started with the Power House Roman Reigns where he had a match with Jason Jordan.Before going to No Mercy against 16 times WWE champion John Cena, Reigns wanna prove himself and he got a perfect opponent.Though Jason Jordan fought bravely with some fantastic moves.But at last, it was Reigns who won the match with a Superman Punch and a Spear.

 WinnerRoman Reigns

 John Cena Confronted Roman Reigns:

 After the match Roman shook hand with Jason and gave a beautiful friendly gesture.Then Cena came to the stage and both Cena and Reigns have a conversation and they again hit each other with some powerful words.Roman didn’t miss a single chance to insult the 16-time champion.Cena gave some last verbal punch to Reigns.Now they are both ready for their match at No Mercy in 2 weeks.

Sasha Banks Vs. Emma:

These two are gonna compete with each other in a fatal 4-way match with Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax for Raw  Women’s Title at No Mercy.Though the match was single sided still Emma try to make it difficult and fight fearlessly against 4 time Raw Women’s Champion.Nia and Alexa were enjoying this match at commentary section.At the end, Sasha won the match by locking Emma in the Bank Statement.

WinnerSasha Banks

Paul Heyman dared Braun Strowman to fight the Beast:

The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar with his Advocate Paul Heyman showed at the ringside and invited The monster among man to suplex city to see who is the most badass between them.Braun accepted the Dare and came to ring.But this went far than Brock’s imagination as the Monster manhandled the Beast with a running power slam. And everyone’s  eyes are now on these two as their match at No Mercy is coming closer to the Universal Championship.

Former NXT Women’s Champion Asuka Joined Monday night Raw

Bray Wyatt vs. Goldust:

The eater of the Worlds manhandled former Intercontinental Champion and won the match with his significant move sister Abigail. He tried to criticize Golddust by removing his face paints.Just then Finn Balor arrived to give Wyatt a lesson.But wise Wyatt opted out of the fight and told Balor to wait for the match at No Mercy.

WinnerBray Wyatt

Raw Tag Team Division fight:

Three Raw Tag Teams(Sheamus and Cesaro, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, Luke Gallows and Carl Anderson) brawled among themselves.The GM of Raw Kurt Angle showed up and separate teams from each other and told they will have an 8 man Tag Team match at No Mercy.

Elias Vs. Jalisco:

Kalisto goes toe to toe with the Raw’s Guitarist Elias Samson.They Both have a strong fight but at last Kalisto lost to Elias by an earthshaking Powerbomb.

WinnerElias Samson

John Cena Vs Braun Strowman:

John Cena first time fought with the monster in raw.From the beginning, Cena Was manhandled by Strowman.Then Suddenly Cena got his strength and tried to give the monster an attitude adjustment but failed.After two unsuccessful attempts of AA finally, Cena gave Braun Strowman a successful Attitude Adjustment but The monster rolled out of the ring.Cena tried to get him back but Strowman hit him by the steel steps and the, at last, give him a running power slam in a steel step. Referee the ended the match and John Cena won by disqualification but he won’t  forget monster’s  strength easily.

WinnerJohn Cena by Disqualification

Miz Vs. Enzo Amore:

The last match of the raw was in between Miz and Enzo Amore.Miz came to ring with his wife Maryese and miztourage for the Miz show where his guest was Enzo Amore.Firstly Miz Announced his Wife Maryese’s Pregnancy.Then suddenly Miz TV guest Enzo Amore stopped their celebration and try to say Miz he was a loser and wanted a match right there.Miz gave him his wish and both went for a match.But soon Miztourage hit Enzo and referee stopped the match and Enzo were winners. But he couldn’t  escape from Miz and Miztourage and they beat him badly and at last Miz give him a Skull Crushing Finale.

Winner Enzo Amore by Disqualification

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