WWE No Mercy Result -24 September 2017, LOS ANGELES, CA

WWE No Mercy Result 24 September 2017
WWE No Mercy Result 24 September 2017

 WWE No Mercy Result -24 September 2017

Elias Samson VS Apollo Crews:

In the kick-start match between Elias and Apollo, Crews went out of imagination. As all were waiting for Apollo Crews win, but the match came to turn point when Crews hurt himself while trying to give Elias a top rope maneuver.Though Titus  O’Neill was present in the ringside, but Crew lost the match after Elias Sent him to the opposite turnbuckle where his face hits first.Then with some cheap shots, Elias won the match and Titus came into the ring for  Apollo Crews defense.


Miz VS Jason Jordan for Intercontinental Championship:

From the beginning of the match, Jordan was unstoppable, he didn’t give a chance to the Awesome one for first some minute.The Miztourage couldn’t see their leader manhandled by the newcomer and try to distract Jordan.When Jordan was distracted Miz gave him a big boot and try to win the match ASAP.But again Jordan fought back and give him a Big German suplex. but again distracted by Miztourage who pulled out Miz from the ring before a countdown of three.Then gave a German suplex to Axel upon Bo Dallas and put Miz in the ring and tried to do all of his signature moves.But again Bo and Axel tried to interrupt the match.While the referee was looking at Axel gave a cheap shot to Jordan.Then at last Miz gave a skull crushing finale to Jordan and won the match in a three count out.


Finn Balor Vs Bray Wyatt:

In a Man to Man battle between former WWE universal champion and ripper of the souls, from the starting Balor showed his true and perfect strength to Wyatt’s mind game didn’t work with Finn and he fought bravely with Wyatt.It was Wyatt who was shocked after watching Balor’s  dominant performance.After two double-barreled running dropkicks and then Coup de Grace and hand Balor moves for the victory.

Winner-Finn Balor

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose VS Cesaro and Sheamus for Raw Tag team Championship:

Cesaro and Sheamus fought very hard to dethrone the Raw Tag team Champions but maybe luck wasn’t on their side. At first, Cesaro broke his front teeth when pushed him to the turn buckle and later on the last point of the match while he tried to save Sheamus from Rollins got a brouge kick from Sheamus which was meant for Ambrose.And then Ambrose and Rollins gave a knee and DDT to Sheamus and won the match by pinfall and retain their Championship.

Winner-Rollins and Ambrose

Fatal 5-way match for Raw Women’s Championship:

Sasha Banks, Emma, Nia Jax, Bayley and Alexa Bliss went toe to toe with each other for the Championship.They tried all of their signature moves and submission holds for the win.But it was Bliss who retain her title by giving a devastating DDT to Bayley.

Winner-Alexa Bliss

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Roman Reigns VS John Cena:

After a brutal mouth fight in Raw finally, the 16 time Champion went face to face with the big dog inside a ring. From the starting, it was  Reigns show. He manhandled the 16 time World champion.But later Cena fought back and gave a reversal to Superman Punch by putting Reigns in an AA. Cena tried all his moves from five knuckle shuffle to STF but Reigns countered it all and at last gave Cena a Superman Punch and Spear combo for a three count win.After the match, Cena again showed his friendly nature and raised Reigns hand in gesture.Then Big Dog left the ring and Cena remained in the ring and fans shouted “thank you Cena” and gave a standing ovation to the 16-time champ.

Winner-Roman Reigns

Enzo Amore VS Neville for Cruiserweight Championship:

It wasn’t easy to fight against the king of Cruiserweights but certified G Enzo Amore stepped in the ring for the Championship match.They fought bravely and courageously.But at the last point, the match was fully disturbed as Neville threw Enzo into the timekeeper’s area and Enzo holds the Championship and came to ring which made the king of Cruiserweights furious.The referee told Enzo to have back the Championship and while he was trying to give it back to the Time Keepers Area, Enzo gave a low blow to Neville and rolled him for a three count out to win the Championship.

Winner-Enzo Amore

Brock Lesnar VS Braun Strowman for Universal Championship:

At last the Beast and Monster among men face each other in the ring for the universal title.From the beginning, Strowman tried to end the game and Brock three brutal German suplex and a power slam.But Brock fought back and put Strowman in the kimura lock. Though Strowman moves out of the lock by touching the rope but he did damage to him. Brick the welcomed the Monster among men to suplex city and back to back six suplexes.Then again Strowman stood up and gave Brock two running power slam by countering his F5. At last, Brock gave a thunderous F5 to the Monster and retain his universal Championship.

Winner-Brock Lesnar


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