WWE Monday Night Raw Live 2 October 2017, Denver, CO

WWE Raw Result 2 October 2017
WWE Raw Result 2 October 2017

WWE Raw Result 2 October 2017

Monday night raw started with a silent prayer for Las Vegas. Whole WWE including both Raw and Smackdown live players were there to pray for  Las Vegas Nevada.

Braun Strowman Vs Seth Rollins:

Raw Tag team champion Seth Rollins went one on one with the monster inside the ring.The kingslayer’s plan didn’t go as he planned.His all moves didn’t defeat the monster among men.And at last monster among men won the match by a running power slam.Then he tried to brutalize Rollins but his tag team partner Ambrose came out for his help but monster put him down with a power slam before living the ring.Then Cesaro and Sheamus came out and attacked the tag team champions.They gave a neutralizer to Ambrose and a brogue kick to Rollins.

Winner – Braun Strowman

Elias  vs Titus O’Neil:

After their past week misunderstanding, Titus went to the ring with Apollo Crews to fight the Guitarist Elias Samson. Titus planned to give Elias a test of his cruelness but it all went vain. Elias bounced Titus’ throat off the top rope when he approached the cables, leading to a fateful drift away for the win.

Winner – Elias

Mickie James vs Nia Jax:

Nia went after six-time women’s champion Mickie while her partner and Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss was at ringside. Though It’s hard to defeat Nia in a singles match but Mickie’s Tornado DDT to Jax did the work, as she was going for pinfall Bliss attacked James giving her a disqualification win.But Mickie fought with Alexa on the ringside and gave her a Mick kick before leaving from there.

Winner – Mickie James

Luke Gallows and Karl  Anderson vs Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan:

Gallows and Anderson fought with Jordan and Matt Hardy in the absence of Jeff this time.Though Matt and Jason fought hard to Won the match, but Gallows and Anderson won the match by giving Matt a ring-shaking Magic Killer.

Winner – Gallows and Anderson

A party for Breast Cancer Survivals:

As we know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and to honor some survivors, Dana Warrior-wife of late WWE Hall of gamer The Ultimate Warrior gathered with Raw Women’s Division to give three custom Women’s Championship to three Breast Cancer Survivors to honor their Warrior spirit.

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Roman Reigns Vs The Miz:

It was like the rivalry between Miz and Roman goes worse day by day.Before the match, Intercontinental Champion Miz with the Miztourage came to ring in Shield style from the crowd. Then Roman came and before the match even could be started he attacked The Miztourage(Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel) and made them pay for their mistake with a steel chair.Then when the Match Started it was Miz who was in a problem because there was no one in the ringside who could save him from the big dog.All of Miz’s move went wrong and Roman was ready to win the match. He has Miz a Superman punch and was ready for a spear, but it was again The Bar ( Cesaro and Sheamus) who came to the ringside and attacked Reigns.Though Roman won the match by disqualification but Miz and The Bar gave Roman their signature moves(Neutralizer, Brogue Kick, Skull Crushing Finale) and at last gave him The Shield’s Signature move the Triple Powerbomb before leaving the ring.

Winner – Roman Reigns

Bray Wyatt addressed Finn Balor

It looks like the fight between the reaper of souls and the demon king goes worse day by day.As Finn called out Wyatt for answers.Bray showed up and addressed Finn and told him to bring the demon again to the ring and he would reveal his true self before him.

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Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Emma and Alicia Fox:

Emma came to fight Bayley and Sasha with her new partner Alicia. They tried to make dominance over The boss from the beginning and weakened her but the boss threw Fox straight into Emma and tagged Bayley. Though Fox countered Bayley’s attack and ask for a Tag from Emma, Emma ditched her and left the ringside.The Bayley put Fox in Bayley to belly for a victory.

Winner – Sasha Banks and Bayley

Enzo Amore’s celebration didn’t last long:

Enzo tried to confront again all the Cruiserweight Division this time with a paper on his hand and this was a paper which can get fired the superstar who would touch him. Then GM Kurt Angle Showed up and announced a new member to Cruiserweight Division that is Kalisto. And Kalisto came out and attacked Enzo before the camera goes backstage.

Will the Shield Gonna Reunite??

Miz and The Bars attack to the Former members of The Shield made the reassemble at the backstage.But the question is still there are they gonna reunite?



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