World Cup 2018 Predictions: Who will win ?

Here are our World Cup 2018 Predictions

MatchWorld Cup 2018 Predictions

Only a few days left for the biggest sports event of the year. But the biggest question so far is Who will be 2018 FIFA World Cup winners? All teams in the eight groups are ready to compete for qualification to next round. The teams like Brazil (4-1), Germany (7-2) and Spain (6-1) have a very high chance of winning the title. Here are our World Cup 2018 Predictions

World Cup Odds

Germany 7-2
Brazil 4-1
France 6-1
Spain 6-1
Argentina 6-1
Belgium 10-1
England 20-1
Portugal 25-1
Uruguay 30-1
Colombia 40-1
Russia 50-1
Croatia 30-1
Poland 40-1
Mexico 50-1
Denmark 100-1
Switzerland 125-1
Sweden 150-1
Serbia 200-1
Senegal 200-1
Egypt 200-1
Iceland 200-1
Peru 200-1
Nigeria 250-1
Japan 300-1
Costa Rica 300-1
Australia 500-1
Morocco 500-1
Iran 500-1
South Korea 500-1
Tunisia 500-1
Panama 1000-1
Saudi Arabia 1000-1

Prediction Who will be 2018 FIFA World Cup winners?

The Soccerbot Model has computed every team has a chance of winning the World Cup. Here are the prediction details.

Experts and supercomputer predicts that Brazil has more chance to win the world cup this year than any other team. Germany has a decent chance to retain their title again.

Group Qualification

Group A- Uruguay(W) Egypt (RU)

Group B- Spain(W) Portugal (RU)

Group C- France(W) Peru (RU)

Group D- Argentina(W) Iceland (RU)

Group E- Brazil(W) Serbia (RU)

Group F- Germany(W) Mexico (RU)

Group G- Belgium(W) England (RU)

Group H- Poland(W) Columbia (RU)

Round of 16

Match 1 – Uruguay v Portugal(W)

Match 2 – France(W) v Iceland

Match 3 – Brazil(W) v Mexico

Match 4 – Belgium(W) v Columbia

Match 5 – Egypt v Spain(W)

Match 6 – Peru v Argentina(W)

Match 7 – Germany(W) v Siberia

Match 8 – England(W) v Poland

Quater Finals

Match 1 – Portugal v France(W)

Match 2 – Spain(W) v Argentina

Match 3 – Brazil(W) v Belgium

Match 4 – Germany(W) v England

Semi Finals

Match 1 – France v Brazil(W)

Match 2 – Spain v Germany(W)


Prediction result shos World Cup final will be held between two Europian giants Brazil and Germany. Brazil lost from Germany in 2014 World Cup in the semi-final with a 7-1 scoreline. Germany and Brazil both have strong squad and both an equal chances of winning the title. But Brazil has more chance of winninging the game with more attacking payers like Neymar, Fermino, Willian, Coutinho.