TOP 5 Transfer confirmed in this January Window 2018


Confirmed Winter Transfer 2018

Just a few days reaming from the opening of the Winter transfer window and still there a lot of rummers going around.


1.David Luiz

Premier leagues and Chelsea best defender is one of the major targets.Barcelona and Manchester United are the most favourable to sign the 31-year Central Back in January.David Luiz had named himself in the EPL team of the year as the best defender with winning the premier league trophy in the last Season.But this season his place was taken by 21-year old by Andress Christensen and Injury.With lack of playing time, he wants to leave Chelsea.He could probably reunite with Jose at Manchester.


2.Philippe Coutinho

25 year Brazilian and Liverpool midfielder was linked sever times with Barcelona in the previous windows.This transfer was likely to happen but blocked by the Jorgen kloop. Barcelona rimed to make a new offer for the 25 youngster star to secure the move to the camp now.



Willian is another Chelsea player wanted by the United boss Jose Murhinio at Old Tatfpord.Lack of playing time for the Brazilian player make him move to another club and both Barcelona and Manchester United want him in this Window.


4.Antoine Griezmann

Barcelona and Manchester United both eying the move for the 27-year-old Frech striker.Manchester United had failed to land Griendzan in the summer and now again trying to bring him to old tartford. Barcelona also in the list as the most favourable place for the Atletico Madrid star.Barcelona reportedly playing a 100 M plot to secure the move.

Semione said “If a player comes to me and says: “Coach, I have a once in a lifetime chance to play for a certain team, I want to leave.If he did all he could for me as Griezmann does, I’ll say it’s no problem. Of course, Griezmann will be able to leave at some point, the same way Diego Costa and Arda Turan were allowed to leave.”


5.Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale is the major played eyed by Premier League side Manchester United.Injury prone Gareth Bale played few matches for last 2 season.Jose plotted a € 90 million stunning plot for the Los Blancos superstar to battle with Man City for the Premier League trophy.Real Madrid also interested in selling Bale to and to land Eden Hazard in next summer to fill his place as a permanent replacement.