Top 3 Best Badminton Rackets Under Rs 500 You Must Buy in India 2017

top 3 badminton rackets under 500

Top 3 Badminton Rackets Under Rs 500

As Badminton is the only game which can be played by all the Age groups in our country, so we need to know some technical aspects of this popular game before buying a good and durable Badminton Racket.

Now Winter is coming and everyone is looking forward to buying a Badminton Racquet which suits their price range. There are various Badminton Rackets in the price range between 300 to 5000 depending upon the quality and durability.
when choosing a badminton racket you need to know & consider few technical aspects of the racket like it’s balance, flexibility, Price, weight, Shape, Brand, Material, Grip etc.

Some popular brands in this fields are Yonex, Li-Ning, Silvers, Cosco, Ashaway, Nivia. Here I have recommended some popular branded Badminton Rackets under Rs 500 which you can buy from Amazon.

1) Yonex Gr 303 Badminton Racquet

Price: INR 399


  • This Yonex GR 303 G3 badminton racquet is Perfect for beginners and intermediate players of badminton.
  • The racquet features an aluminium frame, making it lightweight (90 grams) and convenient to play with.
  • It comes with Durable and damage resistance frame.
  • It is available in Blue, Red, Silver and Yellow colour.
  • It comes with Headcover for damage protection.


  • Its Grip is very slippery.
yonex gr 303
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2) Li-Ning Basic Q-20 Badminton Racquet

Price: INR 409


  • This Li-Ning basic Q-20 Badminton Racket comes with Carbon Fiber head.
  • The Racket is light-weight i.e. 86 grams which provide tight grip and comfortable to play.
  • It comes with purple and yellow colour.


  • If you are a hard smasher then this product is not for you.
Li-Ning Q20 Badminton Racket
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3) Silver’s SB 503 Badminton Racquet Combo

Price: INR 374


  • This Silver’s SB 503 Racket comes with 2 combo pack + 1 Box shuttlecock.
  • It comes with Blue, Silver and Yellow colour.
  • Tensile strength is good.


  • It has no carbon fiber head. It comes with steel shaft.
  • It is slightly heavy weight (98 grams).
Silver SB 503 Badminton Racket
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So, if you are a sports lover and want to buy a budget Badminton Racket under Rs 500 which will be value for money, then I recommend buying the No 1 brand Yonex Gr 303. Which I personally feel the best one in this price range. If you want a racquet with high price range then you can go for other products on Amazon.


  1. Nice review……I bought 2 two yonex racket after reading your review.And got my delivery today.r really its cool.light weight and great shot perfection……Thanks for the this kind of review in Cricket Bats….I wanna buy one.

  2. I ordered by reading your review and got it today. really it’s a nice product thank u sportz kidda for giving us this type of product. I want to buy other sports related product plz give some review for other product.

  3. After reading this i orderd Yonex Gr 303….. And for your kind information after receiving it……its far more better than i expected before….. Really good product…. Keep updating like this on sports products….and again specialy Thnks for that Yonex Gr 303.

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