Top 10 Richest Cricketers in India 2018

Top 10 richest cricketers in india

Though Cricket is not originated in India but Now-a-days it is the most popular game in India. Almost Every Indian citizen is fond of cricket. Since 25th June 1932 when India played his first official cricket match against England to till now, there are a lot of things changed in Indian cricket. From a weak team to the best team in the world. A lot of players represent Indian national team but we all have a big curiosity to know from all of them who are the top 10 richest cricketers in India. So here is the list of Top 10 Richest Cricketers in India.

Top 10 Richest Cricketers in India

10. Sourav Ganguly

The list of top 10 richest players in India isn’t complete without the Bengal Tiger Sourav Ganguly also known as Dada to all of us. He was one of the best captain India has ever got. He changed the face of Indian Cricket in his Captaincy. The Bengal Tiger is one of the Indian rich cricketer as Sourav Ganguly’s Net Worth is around $15 million or ₹99 crores. Maybe he is retired from many years but there is no down in his net-worth. He is on the list of rich cricket player in India from last 10-12 years. His remuneration fees from BCCI and brand endorsement is total around ₹6-7 crores per year. Besides that, he is the co-owner of Indian Super League (ISL) team Atletico De Kolkata (ATK).

Saurav Ganguly richest cricketers in india

9. Gautam Gambhir

The list of Top 10 richest sports person isn’t full without one of India’s two world cup winning hero and former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir. Though he is absent from national squad but his eye-catching performances in IPL and Ranji is continuing till now. Gautam Gambhir’s Net Worth is around $15.2 million or ₹101 crores. He is on the list of richest cricket player since his joining in the KKR in IPL. His net-worth consists of his fees from BCCI, IPL fees, brand endorsement, personal properties etc.

Gautam Gambhir richest cricketers in india

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8. Rohit Sharma

He is one of the wealthy cricketer in India. The three-time IPL winning captain for MI, three double century holder vice-captain of India earns the rank of Indian top 10 rich cricketers by his performance in the field. Rohit Sharma’s Net-Worth is around $18.7 million or ₹124.8 crores which is a sum of his fees from BCCI and IPL, brand endorsement etc. His net-worth showed a very high in last few years and it’s going to be much higher in future.

Rohit Sharma richest cricketers in india

7. Yusuf Pathan

Everyone must be surprised hearing this name in the list of most richest cricketer in India as he is out from the team for a long time. But this hard-hitting all-rounder is in the list highest paid Indian Cricketer due to his performances and salaries from IPL. After his brilliant knock of fastest century in IPL, KKR bought him with a huge amount and till now he is playing for KKR. Yusuf Pathan’s Net Worth is around $21.5 million or ₹137.5 crores. His net-worth comprises of his IPL fees, remuneration fees from BCCI, Brand endorsements of famous brands like Reebok, Boost, Tata Indicom etc. He also runs a sports academy alongside his brother Irfan Pathan named as “The Cricket Academy of Pathans” in Baroda.

Yusuf Pathan richest cricketers in india

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6. Yuvraj Singh

Another hero of India’s two World Cup winning team is also on the list. After his cancer treatment, he may be irregular in the team but he is one of the best all-rounder India had ever got. This stylish left-handed Batsman is on the list of the highest earning cricketer in India after India’s 2007  T20 World Cup victory. In Today’s time, Yuvraj Singh’s Net-Worth is around $22.7 million or ₹146 crores. His Net-worth consists of his contracts and salaries from BCCI and IPL. He also earns around ₹7-8 Crores from brand endorsement of Puma, LG, Audi etc. He also owns a charitable organisation and cloth brand named You We Can (YWC)” in which he invests around ₹50 crores.

Yuvraj Singh richest cricketers in india
Yuvraj Singh

5. Suresh Raina

Another left-handed batsman of Indian cricket team is in the list of richest sportsman in India. Though he isn’t constant in the team Now-a-days, but due to his previous brilliant knocks and IPL performances, he is on the list. He is one of the two players who has scored a century in all formats of Indian cricket. He is one of the highest paid Indian cricketer in IPL. Suresh Raina’s Net-Worth is around $23.36 million or ₹ 150 crores which are consists of Indian Cricket team players salary from BCCI, IPL fees, Brand endorsements, personal savings etc.

Suresh Raina richest cricketers in india

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4. Virender Sehwag

Fear of every bowler and the destructive former opener of Indian team is in the list of highest earning cricket player in India. He is retired from Cricket but his commentary in the commentary-box and tweets in the Twitter keeps us entertained till Today. He is one of the top richest Cricketer in the world. Virender Sehwag’s Net-Worth is around $40 million or ₹255 crores which come from remuneration fees from BCCI, IPL contracts, brand endorsements and his private businesses. He also owns a Cricket Academy and a school in Haryana.

Virendra Sehwag richest cricketers in india

So now you must be thinking who is the richest Cricketer and who are in the top 3 position of richest Indian Cricketer. So here you go-

3. Virat Kohli

The present Indian Captain and batting sensation Virat is in the 3rd position in the list. Though only Indian athlete to be on the list of Forbes highest-paid athletes of 2017, but couldn’t top the list richest sportsman in India. Hope one day he will. Virat Kohli’s Net-Worth is around $60 million or ₹390.5 crores. His Net-worth consists of his Cricket salary in Indian cricket team which is around ₹2 crores per year, IPL fees, brand endorsements etc. Due to his match-winning performances, his Net-worth shows a hike in last few years.He is now the highest paid Indian cricketer and also on the list of top 10 richest athletes in the world.

Virat Kohli richest cricketers in india

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2. MS Dhoni

The former successful Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni is also on the list. After winning every ICC titles and IPL and Champions Trophy his value is high on the air. He is on the list of most richest cricketer in the world. MS Dhoni’s Net-worth is around $110 million or ₹ 735 crores. M.S. Dhoni’s earnings consist of Indian cricketers salary from BCCI, his huge amount of salary in IPL and brand endorsements. His cars and bike collection are huge which are also in his Net-worth. His personal investment is around ₹520 crores. He is also the co-owner of ISL team Chennaiyian FC.

MS Dhoni richest cricketers in india


The God of Cricket may be retired from international cricket since 2013 but he is ruling the list of richest sportsman in India and world from last decade. His brand value is still same till now. Sachin Tendulkar’s Net-worth is around $160 million or ₹1070 crores. Sachin Tendulkar’s earnings consist of his personal properties which are around whopping ₹500 crores. He also earns from brand endorsement and gets a huge amount of remuneration fee from BCCI. He also has his own businesses. He runs a chain of restaurants in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Beside that Master Blaster is the co-owner of ISL team Kerela Blasters, Indian Badminton League team, Bangalore Blasters and pro kabaddi team, Tamil Thalaivas.

Sachin richest cricketers in india

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