Marry Me Virat Kohli: Pakistan Cop’s Strange Request to Kohli

Pakistani Cop Propose to Virat Kohli
Pakistani Cop Propose to Virat Kohli

Pakistani Cop’s Proposal to Virat Kohli


Indian captain Virat Kohli always being in the headline of the news for his tremendous batting records and centuries. But off the field HANDSOME BOY of Indian cricket team has a massive no of fans who die to have a glance of Kohli. Among these fans lady fans, the number is much more as they want to be the life partner of HANDSOME HUNK Kohli. But what if a man desires like that!!!!


It’s always a genuine matter for an international player to have a proposal from a common lady sitting in the audience having a board of words” Kohli I wanna marry u”. At that situation, the reaction is just a simple smile looking towards the camera. But the incident that happened in the match of WORLD-XI and Pakistan is just out of imagination. This is such a unique proposal ever in cricket history that each and every person will remember it.


In the match between WORLD-XI and Pakistan, many Pakistani fans of Dhoni and Kohli expressed their sadness as the duo are not part of that game. But letting all these down a Pakistani policeman stunned everyone having a board with words”Kohli, Marry Me”. After this scenario is on the big screen, every Kohli fan thinking how is that possible, then how Kohli gonna reply to that fan having a proposal to marry him.



Anushka Sharma the present girlfriend of Kohli seems to face a lot of difficulties as Virat have so many proposals. One of them is from England Women cricketer Danielle, who after watching the match-winning knock of Kohli in 2014 ICC WORLD T20 becomes a huge fan of Kohli and proposed him directly on social media TWITTER to marry him.


These proposals are not mattered of concern, but the plea from the Pakistani policeman to marry Kohli is much more than all of these proposals. Now its on both Anushka and Kohli that how they will react to this proposal.




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