La Liga 2017-18 : Who Will be TOP Scorer


Race For the Golden Boot

With Over of Game week 6 in la Liga Lio Messi trumps over the score sheet with incredible 9 goals within just 5 matches. Ronaldo struggling in the rank table as he banned for 5 matches for putting his hand on the referee. Zaza and Gamez are on the race as they are in very good form scoring 4 goals.

La-Liga top scorer
La-Liga top scorer

1.Lio Messi

Lio Messi has already scored 9 goals in just 5 matches including one assist.The Argentinian was the top scorer last season with 37 goals.

Messi has played a total of 450 min with 50 min per goal that is better than any other player.


Real Madrid struggling as Ronaldo banned for 5 matches. Ronaldo is way behind Messi who already scores 9 goals. Ronaldo had scored 25 goals last season behind Messi and Saurez with 37 and 28 goals respectively.

3.Luis Saurez

Worlds best striker is not at his best form in the present moment. He just scores 3 goals in 6 matches.

He came in the 2nd place with 28 goals last season behind Messi.

4.Simone Zaza

Simone Zaza is remarkably outstanding this season with 4 goals with 60 % of shot on target. He played a total of 354 min with 89 min per goal.

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5.Antoine Griezmann

This young Frenchmen was the Balan Dor nominate last year for his remarkable performance. This season he has scored 2 goals with one assist with 88% shot on target. Last season he scored 16 goals with Atletico Madrid.

He played a total of 319 min with 160 min per goal.

6.Yannick Carrasco

Carrasco has already scored 3 goals with 2 assist with a total of 11 shots out of which only 5 are on target. He played a total of 396 min with 132 min per goal.

7.Gareth Bale

Bale and Real Madrid both are struggling this season as they are 7 points behind leader Barcelona. Bale has scored 2 goals and 1 assists with only 42 % of shot on target.


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