Star India own global IPL rights for 5 years: Highest bid price ever

Star India IPL Auction Pannel
Star India IPL Auction Pannel

IPL Media Rights Auction 2018


September 4 at 14:30 IST:

The Board of control for cricket in India organized an auction in Mumbai for the IPL-11 media rights. 24 companies have participated to grab several rights of the IPL auction. Some of the highlighted companies are RELIANCE JIO, AMAZONE, YAHOO, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, STAR INDIA, SONY PICTURES, SKY, DISCOVERY who purchased the bid rights to take participation.

From this 24 companies, only 14 of them make bids while rest of them not participated in the bid. After the bid start among of these 14 comapny BAMtech was disqualified because it has not satisfied some of the criteria. Now from these 13 company STAR INDIA leading all of them wins the global media rights with a huge amount bid of 16,347.5 cr and have confirmed that they will hold the rights for next 5 yrs from 2018.


While SONY bids for India media rights at a bid price of 11,050 cr STAR INDIA also bid for this right having bid price 6,196.94 cr. Except this right SONY PICTURES didn’t participated in any other rights.

Finally, STAR INDIA wins the global media rights as it bids in all other rights. After announcement Star India Chairman and CEO Uday Shankar expressed his happiness  by saying that,

I would like to convey my delight being able to bring the IPL to Star India to what we believe is the rightful home of cricket in this country and elsewhere. We believe that a lot more value can be created for the cricket fans. we would remain very committed to making sure that the growth of sports in the country is driven by the power of cricket. It was a conscious call to bid for the global rights, we have a significant presence in all forms and markets. In India, we have an exciting platform and our channels are globally distributed. ” Saying this much Uday Shankar thanks the BCCI for running a decent transparent process.


There will be a new level of platform in the IPL-11 which the fans are going to enjoy a lot as said the Chairman and CEO of STAR INDIA. So we have to just wait and Cross our fingers to be witnessed of IPL-11. COUNTDOWN STARTING FROM TODAY.

Here is the twit from STAR India:



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