IPL 2018 Final Is Fixed – Twitter users think as Hotstar Promo of CSK v/s KKR final gets circulated

IPL 2018 is Fixed Twitter users think

On May 23rd, the eliminator-1 was played between Kolkata Knight Riders & Rajasthan Royals. Kolkata Knight Riders make it to finals beating Rajasthan Royals by 25 runs.

Whereas CSK, on the other hand, has entered the finals. And we all are waiting for the 2nd team who will play against CSK in the final. The eliminator-2 will be played between KKR v/s SRH and the winner will play against CSK on 27th May 2018.

However, before the eliminator being played, Fans alleged that IPL 2018 Final is fixed after Hotstar’s promo for IPL final is leaked.

Does IPL 2018 Final Is Fixed !!!

Recently, Hotstar’s promo for the IPL final got leaked and circulated in social media. In a very short period of time, this video is viral on Twitter.

The video comprises of an advertisement surprisingly showing the finals between CSK v/s KKR, even before the eliminator match between KKR v/s SRH. This becomes shocked as the 2nd finalist is yet to be decided.

Truth Behind this Video:

Well, Hotstar must have created 2 promos. One is for CSK v/s KKR and another one is for CSK v/s SRH before final and they can post one promo depending on the winner as soon as qualifier 2 takes place. Because promo creation is a tough job and it takes time to complete. But the thing gets wrong here is, one promo i.e. CSK v/s KKR promo video being circulated in Twitter which left users talking about it.

Later, Hotstar deleted this video, as fans goes crazy trolling Hotstar on all social media.

So here we can say IPL 2018 is not fixed and it just because of social media, that’s why it becomes viral in minutes.

Here’s the Promo: