FIFA 18 vs PES 18 Which one you should Buy ?


FIFA 18 vs PES 18

Every year EA and KONAMI are delivering the world’s most highest selling sports game. EA Sports FIFA is more popular and having more realistic gameplay and control than the KONAMIs PES. But this year KONAMI made several changes to battle with FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 is the officially licensed game and quite popular than PES 18. FIFA is the one of the highest selling sports game of all time. Last year FIFA 17 was the 7th most selling game of the year. PES is struggling in the market with lack of team licensed player and gameplay creativity.


FIFA 18 is the most beautiful looking sports game ever with the integration of Artificial intelligence within the player and also with the environment. Gameplay is quite similar to fifa17 with the addition of few new skills and movement.

PES 18 is still poor in passing and shooting. Lack of skill movement, immediate response and awkward response of the goalkeepers make PES 18 less enjoyable than FIFA 18. But PES 18 is the best game in the series of Pro Evolution Soccer.


FIFA 18’s best feature is the Ultimate team which is totally absent in the PES. FUT the main reason for the high selling of this game. It provides to discover daily new Objectives, weekly rewards in Squad Battles. FUT Icons provides legends squad with old-school attributes to make your own different looking squad The Journey Returns to FIFA 18 after the first year incredible story of Alex Hunter in the premier league.

PES 18 introduce Gameplay Masterclass in the game series but still, it not feel as good as FIFA 18. For the first time, it gives strategic dribbing and control mover ball and passing in the game. Real touch control allowing to control the ball with the full body. The new system adds the new style of Free Kick and Penalty Kick system and the option to choose the new one player kicks off.

PES has licensed player like David Beckham, Diego Maradona, Luis Suárez, Philippe Coutinho, Usain Bolt.While FIFA 18 has a full list of the club all over the world with the most licensed player and massive big roster.

Usain Bolt, special appearance in PES 2018


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FIFA 18 presentation is way better than the PES 18 with the integration of new FRostbite engine into the game system and licensed team and all stadium. Environment fell more realistic than the previous series with the new reaction from the fans around the stadium. With a large no of celebration type and graphical well-presenting environment makes is the Most beautiful game ever made.

PES 18 struggles to compete with FIFA with lack of teams stadiums. It really sucks when you play LONDON FC instead of Chelsa and Man Red for the Manchester United making it the worst experience in the game.


FIFA 18 is the most realistic gameplay experience than the PES 18. FIFA is providing FUT and Matchday live, Pro Club which is more better than the PES online co-op mode. PES struggles with both gameplay and visual presentation. We recommend for FIFA 18 as the best choice but it is on to you which game you want.

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