5 Great Teams Who Never Won the Champions League




1. Atletico Madrid

Spanish giants Atletico Madrid no doubt as one of the best team in the world right now who never won the champions league. Always battling with wold two best teams, City Rival Real Madrid, and Barcelona have won one League.

They have reached two champions league final in the charge of Diego Simeone but beaten twice by  Real Madrid. 2017 is Simeone last to make the crown on Atleticos head.

Ramos header in the final of UCL 2014 against Atletico Madrid
Ramos header in the final of UCL 2014 against Atletico Madrid


Arsenal has done something that never been repeated by any of the Premier League team as they become invisible of the English Land. They are the only team being unbeatable throughout the whole season and only team to have Golden Premier league trophy. But they never won the champions league.

They have managed to take themselves to champions league in 2006. But they are beaten by Barcelona by 2-1.



In the modern era of football PSG is one of the best football clubs with both the strong squad and big money power. They recently brought Neymar with a record-breaking $200M from Barcelona and Kylan Bappe to became more strong squad the battle in the Champions League.

They have spent 44 seasons in Ligue 1 with 6 league trophies.Chelsea has been their rivals in the champions league for recent few years as they face each other in the round 16 of the league.

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Dortmund has been a very good team in the world football as they always batteling they rival Bayern Munchin for the title of Bundesliga. Being a new team they have produced the world best player like Lewandowski and Gotze.

Dortmund played in their first UEFA Champions League Final against their rival Bayern Munich in 2013 but they are beaten by the Bayern side in a 2-1 thrilling match at Wembley.



Valencia’s 2000 and 2001 season was one of the best performances in the history of champions league as they reach 2 consecutive finals for the first time in the History.They have beaten by same Bayern Munchin for the 2 nd year in a row.

They have beaten Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Lazio to reach the final but never won the Champions League.



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